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10 VS Code keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Speed up your development flow by utilising common keyboards shortcuts in VS Code. Once you get a hang of a few shortcuts, you can deepdive into the complete list of all macos keyboard shortcuts for VS Code.

Find selected text

  • all instances: ⇧⌘L
  • the next instance: ⌘D Find selected text

Multi-cursor selection

  • above the current line: ⌥⌘↑
  • below the current line: ⌥⌘↓


Select text around cursor

  • Up: ⇧↑
  • Down: ⇧↓
  • Left: ⇧←
  • Right: ⇧→


Code folding

  • Fold current selection: ⌥⌘[
  • Unfold current selection: ⌥⌘]
  • Unfold all code in file: ⌘K⌘J

Code folding

Split screen display

  • vertical: ⌘\
  • horizontal: ⌥⌘0 (split vertical first)

Split screen

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Error401:"Name not authorized"

Really helpful! I use split screen a lot when building firmware. I was also looking for how to do ⇧⌘L last night lol. Thanks a bunch!