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Why do people use golang?


Imagine one language that does all your needs for server side development. One that is light weight , has garbage collection , has a concurrency model. An easy and fast language. That is where Golang shines.

There are other reasons why people use golang:

  • Performance: Usually, the main reason for the switch is performance and memory efficiency
  • Concurrency: A very hard problem in programming and Golang makes it very easy.
  • Simplicity: Looks somewhat like the C programming or Java programming languages, but doesn't have OOP.
  • Tooling: Many great tools to make programming easy
  • Trustworthy Backers: Backed by Ken Thompson
  • Ecosystem: Many companies using Golang

Golang is the open-source and procedural programming language. It was started by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson in 2009.

Big companies use Golang like; Google, Uber, Twitch, SendGrid, Dropbox, and others.

Golang combines features of other programming languages.

  • It is easy to use
  • Develop an app, spend less time and money.
  • High performance and a wider audience for your app
  • Golang is easy to learn
  • Clean and comfortable to read.
  • It is more reliable
  • Faster than other languages.
  • Concurrency
  • High-level efficiency
  • Advanced performance for networking

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Freedom • Edited

Frankly, Go is 10 years old, there are similar article. Let's focus on writing tutorials or introduce new workflows so other can learn from.

Some of the your points is not true and can be subjective among individuals.