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You Only Get One Chance (most of the time)

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You're dying to get out there to interview for that new job. You stumble upon that dream position for that start up with the type of team you've always wanted to work for. Except, one of the requirements is experience with a framework you might only have passing knowledge of and they want someone who is confident.

You might be able to BS your way through. You might be able to cram enough knowledge about that framework to get your face to face interview.

STOP! Turn around. Get back here.

I know how hard it is to want that dream opportunity so bad that the fear of losing it can drive you to make you take an interview you aren't ready for.

Even though you might miss that awesome position you've always wanted, you don't want that employer to know who you are until you are absolutely ready to take that interview. You never know when another position at that company might open up, and you do not want them to remember you as that person who tried to fake your way through the interview.

I bring this up because I recently had to let the unicorn go. It was a company in Distributed Cloud Storage, which is something I'm extremely interested in. They wanted someone who knew VueJS so well that I could architect a solution using it. I've only used it professionally as a UI plug-in. I'm still taking courses and building out practice projects. I'm still filling out my Github with examples. I'm still a little green. So I passed on it and turned off my Linked In ready light. Maybe in a couple of months I'll have something I'm proud to show a future employer. I'll have fun learning in the mean time. I also know that I haven't blown it with a company that I might get a second chance at some day.

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