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Applying Solution Based Learning

Reading is a practice that I really enjoy, especially articles. 
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But to learn, just reading is not enough, something is missing, but what?! It was in programming that I could better identify this, this lack is very evident when we are coding. It is necessary to get your hands dirty beyond theory if you want to go further...

What has helped me a lot to learn and evolve in java is precisely choosing problems to solve, and allowing this to drive me to understand new techniques and concepts.

I have matured the way of thinking, speaking and acting in the face of problems solved and experienced both with Java and with other technologies, and not only logic and reasoning but also the ways of doing household chores have changed a lot.

In my current job working with java, it is more conducive to learning, precisely because I have tasks to be developed where internal and external clients request and I need to use logic to solve them. I always take as a basis the solutions experienced, I look for new alternatives, and I solve them in the way I believe to be ideal.

Ways I've put into practice:

  • Understand the problem;
  • List the needs;
  • Raise which knowledge and tools can be useful to solve;
  • Test different solutions;
  • Solve the problem;
  • Evaluate points for improvement.

Increasingly these points have helped me to achieve better personal and professional results and that's not all, there are different ways to solve problems and learn from these same "problems".

The important thing is to always stay focused!

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