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What's your hosting provider horror story and you got through with it?

Yesterday I was browsing some webdevelopment subreddits and on the top of the "hot" feed there were 2 posts about GoDaddy. One about how it uses external websites to capture domain search and taste them in order resell them to the user who searched for it, and other one was about javascript injection to get usage metrics

  1. GoDaddy is sneakily injecting JavaScript into your website and how to stop it

  2. My last night's horror story. TL;DR stay away from to search for your domain

Although I'm from Europe, I always read and heard about Godaddy, as it's one name to get into your head and it seemed to be a big player (even a monopolist?) in Internet Services Provider for Hosting/Domain Registration. But as they are a big player, their controversy list is big.

But even just one shady move from a provider lowers our trust on them and makes us look for better alternatives.

Last year at work, we faced some service unavailability on our webpage due to local elections, but after a few days we noticed that the access was still slow, but the wp panel access was fine. After some investigation, we realized that our provider was throttling access to our frontpage. Maybe in hopes that we would tier up the service. After this we tiered up from shared hosting to a VPS on another company.

So, considering these reputation-hurting episodes that affected these companies, what's your drama story with hosting or domain providers and what was the outcome of that.

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