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Discussion on: Phabricator is Phabulous

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Thomas Iguchi

I've been using Phabricator for a while now and I love it. It's just hard to convince non-technical people to use it, since it can be visually quite overwhelming, and the obscure module names such as "Maniphest" are a constant source for head scratchers ("where do I find the tickets again?").

At least it's possible to customize the heck out of it, so I created a main menu side bar with reasonable, self-describing entries in it such as "Repositories" instead of "Diffusion" or "Code Review" instead of "Differential".

Other than that it's a great hub for keeping everything organized and in one place. In addition to what you mention in your post, I also want to point out that Phabricator has a pretty powerful feature for event handling and scripting. It can be used to set up simple and complex rules that trigger an action or that enforce access rights and policies, e.g. "start a Jenkins build if there's a new commit in a certain branch" or "refuse a commit if a protected file has been changed and the committer is not member of a specific project".

If anyone's interested in self-hosting Phabricator: it can be really a pain in the backside to install.
I created an interactive installation Bash script a couple years ago that does the whole installation and setup process automatically. Unfortunately it only supports Debian, but with a minor tweak Ubuntu should work as well

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Ben Lovy Author

Thanks for adding on to this! I haven't looked into Herald yet, it looks really cool (and clearly already put to good use in this organization).

Too bad about the install process - thankfully there's devs like you who don't put up with that :)

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Liju Kuriakose

Thanks a lot that the installation script is very useful for me I am using the ubuntu server, but I managed to change the script as I need.