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Full-Stack Youtubers to Follow πŸƒ β€” From Beginner β†’ Expert

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Everyone Starts Somewhere

Everyone single one of us had a beginning. Learning to code can be tough and frustrating. My journey started in 2014 when I learned about a youtube channel that would change my life forever. This is a life of the Youtubers that guided me along in discovering new technologies and learning them from the ground up.

This list does not in anyway reflect the order of my least and most favorite.

#1 TheNewBoston

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I guess you could say Bucky Roberts introduced me to Web Development. For the longest time I'd follow every single one of his videos and frankly he deserves everything that has brought be to where I am today.

#2 Codecourse (Formally Php Academy)

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#3 adamthedev

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#4 Ben Awad

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#5 Colt Steele

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#6 Dev Ed

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#7 Fireship

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#8 freeCodeCamp.org

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#9 Harry Wolff

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#10 CodingWithChandler

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Definitely not my thing, I don't have the patience to sit through lengthy Youtube vids. Give me a well written blog post or tutorial anytime.


I agree with you leob. I am more used to study with tutorials or even books. On the other hand, sometimes a channel like fireship is good for know at first glance of some concept that you heard time ago and it gives you a starting point.


You’re a special man


Haha not really, well I guess everyone is special :-)


have you ever heard of traversy media. He is so good!!!!


You should also follow Kyle on webdevsimplified


You forget The Net Ninja and Program With Erik


Useful suggestions, thank you. Is the TheNewBoston still active?


As far as I know, the initial owner of it either sold the account or passed it on to someone else. :(


Seems that he is back...


If you have any interest in C#/.NET development, I've found IAmTimCorey has a ton of great learning material.


Another good one to follow is Les Jackson


The Net Ninja is great as well!


Brad Traversy is also good!


Been watching Harry Wolff lately, he is so good. His content is very informative. I've learned a lot of React things from his channel.


Other youtubers:
Traversy media
Derek banas


Wow I feel honoured to be a part of this list! Thanks a lot πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


I feel honoured to have you comment! 😜


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