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Tim Deschryver
Tim Deschryver

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New VSCode Extension - 🦎 Chameleon

Yes, I'm one of those peoples who regularly change their Visual Studio Code setup.
I want to cycle between different themes, try out new fonts, and switch between icons.

That's why I created 🦎 Chameleon as a weekend project.

Now, every time when I open up a new instance of Visual Studio Code, I get a new randomized look.

🦎 Chameleon looks at all the installed themes (and icons) to pick a random one, and it shuffles the font family setting to change its font.

Try it out

If you also can't choose between multiple themes from the marketplace, I think 🦎 Chameleon will be for you.

You can download 🦎 Chameleon in the marketplace, and you can contribute or give feedback to the project on the GitHub repository.

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Mauro Garcia

Really cool idea Tim! I'll try it later