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Discussion on: Best browser extensions

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Timothy Merritt

Also, similarly,'s Privacy Policy is pretty concerning. Here's an inspection of their user-tracking tech, including recording user sessions as heat maps, and allowing Google Analytics to follow you after you leave the site. Unfortunately, these practices can be pretty commonplace; many kinds of aggregators and suggestion-based services like this are invasive and data-hungry, and they warrant a deep dive into their policies before using.

That said, privacy policies exist so you can choose how much information/analytics you're willing to part with to use a service, and anyone is of course free to use these kinds of services if the trade off seems worth it. I'm a bit of a feisty privacy/security advocate, though, and just thought I'd pass along the info. 😉

For privacy/security-minded extensions, these are some I've used over the years:

General Privacy/Security

More Advanced Privacy/Security

These can be used in combination with each other and the above to get a pretty ironclad hold over your browsing data and protections, but the policies for each should still be read beforehand.

Hope these help!