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Choosing Between Angular, React, Vue and Svelte – 4 Tips!

Choosing between modern web frameworks can be hard, especially if you’re not familiar with all of them. But don’t worry, I don’t either and you won’t have to as well. However, here are 4 tips on choosing the right tool for your next project.

Choosing the right framework can be hard

1 Choosing based on Project Requirements

Look at the requirements of your project. Which technology framework fits the best? Is there already existing code written using a certain library? Then it wouldn’t make sense to choose a different one, right? Do you need server-side rendering and optimal SEO support? Choose something that supports it like NextJS or Nuxt. Need inline-styles for whatever reason? Go React. Need superfast rendering speed and code cleanliness? Try Svelte. Need an all-in one TypeScript solution without the need for 3rd party libs? Go Angular.

2 Team Skills

Look at your team. If you have 5 Angular developers and 1 who knows React. Does it make sense to kick off using Vue? Leverage the skills and knowledge you already have except if you’re actively looking to expand your team’s knowledge. In this case I recommend to pick which ever framework you know the least about.

3 Personal Preference

Don’t let your personal preference make the choice. Look, I’m a huge React/JSX fan but before I start a new project I ask myself: Objectively, is React the right choice here or should I use something else? Don’t pick a certain technology because that’s what you’ve been using for the past months and know the most about. Get out of your comfort zone!

4 Leaving the Comfort Zone

Let’s say you discussed with your team which library to use and you decided on the one you like the least and don’t have much experience with. GREAT! See it as a challenge to expand your skillset and learn more about a piece of technology you’re not familiar with. It’ll grow your skillset and give you better chances on the job market in the future. Now get out there and do some coding!

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