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Question - Should I write about it?


I’ve recently decided to quit google and replace google’s services with different services to secure own my data + avoid privacy issues...

If you wonder what’s “degoogle” about, see this article: here

I was thinking about writing a series of articles about deploying some self-hosted solution to your private servers/NAS/VPS. All in Docker, I could use Terraform to spin up some VPS. Some reverse-proxy, securing the setup, using SSL, etc.

Some initial ideas for articles:

  1. Building a simple Infrastructure as a Code using Terraform to spin up our server.
  2. Deploying Ghost as a blog engine.
  3. Adding Comments engine and plugging it to the blog.
  4. Adding Analytics solution and plugging it to the blog.
  5. Deploying some cloud storage solution for storing files.
  6. Separate article about reverse proxy, securing the setup, using SSL certs, hardening the server setup.
  7. Other services that will be needed to replace google with something.
  8. If you have more ideas, just let me know.

Would you find such articles useful?
Maybe it would be a great opportunity for you to learn something new, like #terraform, #docker, #reverse-proxy, #iaac? :)

Let me know your thoughts!


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