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Fleet vs VSCode

Table of Contents

  1. What is Fleet
  2. When will it be available?
  3. Would you ever switch?

What is Fleet?

Fleet is a brand new IDE which supports multiple programming languages and has built-in remote collaboration tools. There is currently a debate whether it will replace VS Code. What do you think? It's marketing itself as a direct competitor to VS Code as a high-performance IDE with quick load times, responsive performance, and a light-weight text editor. It's said to be the "next-generation IDE", the same way VS Code is the lighter alternative to Visual Studio.


Fleet currently supports languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, C++, C#, Ruby, Java, Python, Rust, Go, JSON, Kotlin, and others. Similar to VS Code, it includes auto-suggestions, auto-completion and intellisense. Fleet also features remote development using JetBrains Space. The desktop version will be available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

When Will It Be Available?

At the moment, Fleet is still under active development. You are able to subscribe to receive announcements on when it becomes available on their website.

Would You Leave VSCode?

I'd love to hear from you. Assuming you've used VS Code for a good amount of time now, would you ever consider switching to a new IDE? Does it sound worth looking into or are you good where you are since VS Code has been around for so long and has always been a stable IDE? Let me know in the comments below

Happy coding!

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