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Ionic vs React Nactive vs Flutter

Table of Contents

  1. React Native
  2. Ionic
  3. Flutter
  4. Helpful Links

React Native

What is React Native?

An open source framework launched back in 2015 and is backed by Facebook. It provides all the tools you need to develop cross-platform applications on iOS, Android, and Windows. Languages include JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, C++, and Python.

React Native, like React, has a very strong community support backing it up. Alongside this component, React Native allows developers to build applications that provides native look-and-feel by utilizing the devices' native APIs and components sometimes out of reach.

Advantages of React Native

  • Code re-usability
  • Huge support community
  • Performance is greater than Ionic

Disadvantages of React Native

  • Native code
  • Need React background

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What is Ionic?

An open source SDK launched in 2013. It uses HTML/CSS, SaaS, JavaScript, etc. to develop cross-platform mobile applications. You can develop cross-platform hybrid apps for web, native iOS, and Android.

Ionic is similar to React Native when it comes to the strong community support. Since Ionic allows developers to create hybrid cross-platform applications, creators will need to know how to use third-party packages in order to wrap application in native covers.

Advantages of Ionic

  • Easy-to-learn framework
  • Fast prototyping

Disadvantages of Ionic

  • Lower performance
  • App will look the same regardless of platform

There are always advantages and disadvantages of cross-platform and hybrid applications. If you are interested, here is a previous article:

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What is Flutter?

Powered by Google, Flutter designs native-type applications on Android and iOS. Flutter was launched in 2017 and consists of widgets as its building blocks. It uses Dart, which is developed by Google as well. Dart is based on C/C++.

Advantages of Flutter

  • UI building components
  • Dart support

Disadvantages of Flutter

  • Design features may not be up to date

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Helpful Links

Happy coding!

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