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I'm Still Living My Dream as a Software Developer

Five years ago, I started my journey professionally as a software developer after attaining my BS in Information Systems degree.

I wrote in a previous post more about my software development experience and my struggles but to summarize...

1) The road has not been close to easy, plenty of roadblocks, speed humps, pot holes... you name it.
2) Mental emotional abuse was real in the workplace.
3) Managed chaos and unrealistic deadlines.
4) Getting laid off for BS reasons - where I live, Georgia, it's a right to work state.
5) Dealt with incompetent and jerk bosses.

Even going through all of that, it didn't stop be from continuing to pursue my dream. It's what I wanted to do since high school, how could I let it stop me?! I knew if I could manage to stay in my field for five years that it would get better, and it has. Now, I'm working for the best company so far in my career. I've been able to become more picky in my company selection after gaining more experience. Sometimes, we have to take what we can get in the moment in order to succeed. I think for women, it's harder on us, I still experience some struggles but it's getting better. I'm used to being the only woman developer on past teams and now currently. I'm OK with it though, sometimes it's nice to be 'special'.

We still need more women in tech but I am happy at the direction we are going since I started my career.

I am proud to be a woman software developer!

Thanks for reading!

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Amara Graham

Cheering you on Tanya!