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Sometimes Letting Go is Hard in Our Career

tmott13 profile image Tanya Mott ・3 min read

Sometimes in our career, we are super hard on ourselves. Whether it's not thinking you're good enough for that next role or position, or maybe a mental blocker is blocking you from achieving your goals. Whatever it is, we've all had some struggle that blocks us from achieving our best.

In my previous article, I talked about how a company laid me off last October. I have had my share of negative feelings since then, trust me. Sometimes you got to really believe it's for the better. I have to give credit to Applied Resource Group, and to an awesome man named Dan - who is a recruiter - now manager - there. Dan placed me in my two last roles. I'm forever in his debt, seriously. But anyway, tonight was one of their networking events, their 10th anniversary -at Pontoon Brewing, which is a big deal! Congrats ARG!!!

ARG has hosted many events that I've attended, some post prev job, and all of them have been a blast. Since ARG is a partner with my prev company - I'll just go ahead and name Improving - my old boss (Scott) and HR (Nancy) - show up frequently to their events. It's no brainer that I would/will show up and they would be there, so I might as well get used to it. At first tonight, I was avoiding them, shy to introduce myself, again; but after a few beers, I gained enough courage to do so. I went over to say hey, and immediately I was greeted with the same smiley faces, that I once remembered. It was warm and welcoming. Even the CEO was there visiting, it was nice to see him again, even thought he didn't remember me. We chatted for awhile and it was nice. When it was time for them to go, we said our goodbyes and separated.

Afterwards, I could feel a weight lifted off my shoulder, it was as if all that stress and anxiety was gone and it was such a freeing feeling. I was so worried about what they would think of me that it blocked me from my healing. I can now move on, without feeling like I have regret. I can now feel fully confident in my current role, and feel secure in my feelings - that I am great and special and all the things that I truly am.

Sometimes, we have to do what seems to be such a hard task, to accomplish something so great!

When I first arrived and before I walked in the door tonight, I saw my current boss, the one that just left the office! We said hey and I walked in. Immediately I was greeted with the news that my boss shared - saying that I am great and so awesome! Yes - me - I am so awesome! Like I hadn't heard real feedback from him yet (but you know how you can tell) - but I am super flattered. I heard all that good news about me, that I went up to my old employer's face and faced my demons. I feel accomplished, I feel worthy.

We need to face our demons more, they hold way too much power over us. My rough experience has caused mental harm that I am overcoming. We shouldn't be ashamed of our past, because it is what has got us to where we are today.

Five years into my software development career, and now it can be the best year ever because I have finally let go of what inhibits my growth.

I courage you to go be great and to let your past be the past and to let go of what inhibits you.

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This is a great article! Letting go is definitely hard, but it is necessary to truly heal. Once held onto, those demons will cause a lot of negative feelings and can even make you do things you wouldn't normally do. My motto in life has always been "I will forgive, but I won't forget." Forgiveness allows you to heal, but not forgetting what happened makes you wise. ;) Thanks for sharing such a personal story with us. Namaste.


maybe you should be paid more. People who know the prices are super nice to those who are cheaply paid. Recognition why not, but our industry and its people run with money.