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How fast is your site?

Web performance and Core Web Vitals is both fun and rewarding to work on.

Share your Lighthouse scores below.

I will start:

Todmorden Digital usually scores 100 for both mobile and desktop using PageSpeed Insights.

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Some web perf strategies I employed to get the site to load quickly:

  1. Light-weight theme and minimal CSS/JS
  2. Litespeed server + LiteSpeed for WordPress Cache plugin
  3. HTTP/3 powered CDN and site
  4. SVG inline favicon/site icon
  5. Minimal number of WordPress plugins

Do you have a Core Web Vitals question? Feel free to ask below.

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Jigar Shah

I am wondering, how many pages does this site has? (Hardly 10 pages)
I am sure, your site will break down if it has more than 1000 pages.
Let me bet you, it will not even survive. because mentioned parameters will help you some extent.
Ultimately, choosing the right framework will help you achive above what you mentioned. So, stop potraying lies with truth.

Let me show you the example of choosing TezJS for one my project and see, what is the result... Radixweb website has almost 1400 webpages and still manages to avchieve 99 score on Mobile!

Check its GitHub -

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Todmorden Digital

Ah, sounds like you still have a lot to learn about web performance friend. I would recommend spending some time learning about database optimisation and how to scale sites. On my day job I work with a WordPress site with over 4 million articles.

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Vincent A. Cicirello

First image is mobile and second for desktop.

Image description

Image description

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Your strategies are quite up to the mark. If anyone simple follow these steps, they can easily optimize their website speed. I personally prefer, hello or astra. Also, litespeed servers can have a huge impact on the performance and speed of the website.