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I would like to change too, but as a student, I use Ms Office a lot. I was using Libre Office for a long time, but I returned to MS Office for different reasons.


I have switched to google docs and sheets for my writing and excel type work. Libre office is cool and just made a big version update but I haven't even needed to try it because of Google's tools.


I'm sure you'll have some specific requirements, but the majority of students aren't going to need anything MS specific - they'll just be doing word processing, 99% of the time, where Google Docs or LibreOffice or even Office 365 will be more than adequate.


Don't let Office bring you out of Linux.
Some great alternatives are available now.
WPS Office is one of them.
Free Office is another one.

I am using Free Office on a day to day basis as it is available from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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