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I built a blog for the developer just starting out.

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"That's an Egg"


"That's an Egg!"

These days, web-development can be a very daunting task to learn for the developer who's just starting out. With things like JavaScript frameworks, server-side rendering, and REST/CRUD API's, it doesn't get a lot simpler either.

However, it doesn't have to be this way! I love writing about making your (developer) life easier. From basic HTML & CSS, to more complicated subjects regarding web-development, I write about all of them.

You might know the expression "That's a piece of cake". In Dutch, we have a saying that goes likewise. Roughly translated back to English, it says "That's an Egg". With my writing, I want to make you feel confident in your ability as a developer and think; "That's an Egg!".

You can check it out over at "www.thatsanegg.com".

If you're ready to dive straight into an article, I'd recommend these:

Your First CSS Animation

Read all about creating beautiful and smooth web-animations using just CSS.

Create landing pages like Stripe does

Using basic CSS tricks to create beautiful websites.

Animating text like Sketch does using only CSS

Using CSS to create a beautiful staggering text animation.

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Writer of "That's an Egg" 🍳 Interested in UI/UX and building React Apps


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That's great @toktoktwan , I think it would be great to also give the credit to the gatsby-starter-blog starter project (see also) πŸš€


Great add Tomer, this is a good one! gatsby-starter-blog has been wonderful to use and really sped up the development process πŸ˜„


Cool, I think it makes sense to share with others the original sources as it also provides deep documentation and gives the right credit in place.

I'm currently working on an article about how the entire blog was built, including the gatsby-starter-blog. I'll make sure to give credit where credit is due.


I have to say, the name gets me everytime πŸ˜„


Thanks! πŸ˜„Do you have any fun sayings like "That's an Egg" where you're from?


Cool mate! Well done with Gatsby!


Thanks Lautaro πŸ˜„


great work ✌️Simple and clean


Thank you Veer! I would love to hear if you have any topics you'd like to read more about πŸ˜„


JS higher order functions please! They are confusing but work wonders to get a clean and short code.

Sounds good! Just to be sure, are you more interested in JS built-in high order functions (like sort/reduce/filter/etc. ) or creating your own ones?


Great work! ✌️🍳🍳🍳


Amazing. The name is brilliant :)


Thanks Sara πŸ˜„πŸ³Glad you like the name!


Amazing. Is it open source?


It is! The repo can be found HERE