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Tolgahan ÜZÜN
Tolgahan ÜZÜN

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Simple tricks for map solution

In the past, we used the map google map service for the map solution. As the project grew, google map began to write high amounts of cost. We looked for a few solutions here and, divided our needs into 2 parts.

  1. Dynamic display of latitude and longitude data. (embed)
  2. Find latitude and longitude data using street, shop and home address. (geocoding)

Embed solution

Here are a few alternatives. (openstreetmap, google map, mapbox vs...) I will evaluate the difference between google map and mapbox.

  • Legacy solution: Google Map: SKU: Dynamic Maps

    For more than 100,000 requests:

    - 5.60 USD per 1000

    Example: 500.000 (100k free) requests: 2.240 USD

  • New solution: Map Loads for Web

    For more than 50,000 requests:

    - (50,001 to 100,000) 5.00 USD per 1000
    - (100,001 to 200,000) 4.00 USD per 1000
    - (20,001 to 1000,000) 3.00 USD per 1000

    Example: 500.000 (50k free) requests: 1.560 USD

Profit : 680 USD

Development process

I was using the react-leaflet library in the front. (openstreetmap) The Leaflet library is very convenient and convenient. You can define api as Custom.

Highly recommend the react-leaflet. :)

import { Map as LeafletMap, TileLayer } from 'react-leaflet';

    <TileLayer url={`{#username}/{#project}/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}?access_token={#token}`}/>

Geocoding solution

There is no alternative to this substance at this time. The alternatives are quite inefficient. It negatively impacts user experience. I recommend using Google Map.

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Dan Silcox

MapBox also do geocoding and in my experience the results are at least as good as Google, if not better. Also far cheaper :)

tolgahanuzun profile image
Tolgahan ÜZÜN

Yeah, cheap. But the customers did not receive any positive results for Turkey region and our own experience. Maybe the problem is in Turkey region.

dansilcox profile image
Dan Silcox

Ah ok - I did find you have to provide it a "region bias" (a centre point Lat Lon to favour results so that it favours results near point rather than elsewhere) - I was using it for a project in Amsterdam and when I didn't provide a region bias and searched for "straat" i was getting results in South Africa first, but as soon as I set the centre point as Amsterdam Central, it worked as expected. Nice article though, it's always good to see comparisons and other competitors than the "big 4" tech companies :)