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Hi! I'm Tom. I work at Twitter where I've been for over 4 years.

I do a few different things, but I tend to focus on making frontend and client engineers more productive by building tools and APIs or writing documentation. You could call it product infrastructure.

Right now I lead Twitter's GraphQL team and a bigger project called Private API, which is about improving how our apps — iOS, Android, Twitter Lite and TweetDeck — get their data.

I'm interested in using to help, guide, and learn from developers who have complex or novel problems to solve.


Welcome! Thanks for joining the community. I personally would love a post on writing good documentation, or a beginner's guide to writing a REST/GraphQL API. Or maybe you have some good posts/resources to share about those topics?


Hi Tom, looking forward to learn from/with you. Thank you for taking your time to share your knowlege & experiences with the community!


Thank you for being with us we are so glad to have someone like you

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