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Why thoughts does matter? Roadmap to be Crypto Lover 💘

Hi, I'm Tom
I tweeted like below the other day:

I will create a Roadmap to be Crypto Lover.

The Goal of the Roadmap

  • Focus on the Thoughts. I don't chase the price of token.
  • Introduce the thoughts of crypto so Easy-to-Read
  • To be crypto lover with me!😍

If you Google it, you can find a lot of advertisements.
And it will tell you “You have to buy this coin!!!”
It's very silly.

🙅‍♂️ The Common Problem of the Most People

Most people come into crypto because

Crypto is profitable🤑

But many of them don't trust the project wholeheartedly, so they quickly let it go👋 if the price drops slightly📉😱.

And they lose money regardless of whether the tokens go up or down.
Then they say

Crypto is Bad 😡

and leave the fields...
(※ And,I guess many of them would have said, "If only I had HODL👊 then, I'd be rich too🥱.)

This is just a waste of time and money.

Crypto is an amazing technology that will change the future

  • Why is it changing the future?
  • And what is the philosophy behind this technology?

I am sure understanding these things will make your life better.

Now, I’m so excited that I’m quitting college and devoting all my time to crypto development😌.

🙆‍♂️ The Future You can Achieve with the Roadmap

You will be Crypto Lover💘

In Japan, there is a proverb.

What one likes, one will do well

If you want to learn crypto, the quickest way is to like it.
If you don't like it, that's okay🙆‍♂️.
You should learn something different. Because there is more than crypto in this world.

So, when you are in that time,I will tell you "Nice Try!"👍


🚜 Note: The Roadmap is under Construction

I will be updating this roadmap article in the future.
Please follow me on Twitter as I will provide those updates

🌇 Finally

I’m not perfect.
If I’m telling you something that is not true, please let me know.

And, I will be updating this roadmap article in the future.
Just a moment, please. I will update it on my Twitter. Thanks😌

Discussion (2)

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Ben Sinclair

Crypto is already changing the future by contributing more to climate change than some entire countries.

tom_eth_dev profile image
Tom.eth Author

That's certainly true😌

But the most commendable part of the Crypt is that it gave humanity a new option.

It's like blaming the creation of the iPhone for the increase in suicides due to increased slander.

I believe that what gives us something is what we lose.

A knife is a tool for cutting fruit, but sometimes it hurts people.
It is important to understand "how to use it?" and "what is pros and cons?"