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Blender for programmers part 1: introduction

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Lately I am working with Blender to create a nice video featuring Summon The JSON decks for programmers. I had some 3D design experience because years ago I have tried to use Blender. With no success however, because there was not, so many resources back then. It was like 15 years ago.

But also I was in my early days designing a 3D game engine with a world editor, so I have a little of understanding how it works. Also, when I was studying we were working with CAD an SolidWorks. So I didn't start from point zero.

However, I have noticed Blender became so easy to use now, that you can do almost anything with some YouTube tutorials and time.

If you like to see my creations so far, please visit Summon The JSON with the link provided above and go to JavaScript deck. The image featuring card types is generated from a 3D scene.

Here you can see how it looks like in Blender:

Another video is a composition of a photo of a table with 3D rendered deck and card to make it look realistic:

Here you can see the almost same method, but with animation added:

Currently, I am working on a set of scenes. So far I have four:

They will be later combined to create a longer video showcasing Summon The JSON decks.

So as you can see you can do some pretty nice stuff with Blender. And while doing it, I came to a conclusion, it may be interesting to create a series of resources to help you, as a software developer, to use Blender.

My main idea is that if you create for example a startup, you might consider Blender as a way to showcase it and attract attention of yours to future users.

As a developer I know how hard it is to market a project without necessary graphic and design skills. You can create the best project, but if you can not "sell" it, no one will really pay attention. And with Blender creating graphics but also 3D, and 2D animation is pretty simple. So everyone can do it without big bucks.

So if you are a software developer, and you'd like to learn Blender than this series is for you. Follow me, and you will receive new episodes of the series where I will show you how to use Blender.

Since I am a software developer and Blender is for me a just a tool, I will explain it in a simple way, straight to the point. So you can understand it and generate awesome stuff without boring introductions and explanations. Also, I will share YouTube tutorials helped me to accomplish what you can see above.

See you later in the next episode of Blender for Programmers!

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Michael Hungbo

Great post! Started learning Blender about three years ago but I didn't stay too long with it. This looks like an opportunity for me to lay my hands on it again.
Looking forward to your future posts!

tomaszs2 profile image
Tom Smykowski

Thanks. I am working on the next part. Great to hear it!

seriousfun01 profile image

Exactly what I need. I see people doing amazing stuff with Blender but for my purposes I need the developer view point.

tomaszs2 profile image
Tom Smykowski

It makes learning Blender so much easier!