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GraphQL Centaur CLI on Product Hunt

Hello, fellow Devs!

We have just launched our new open-source product on Product Hunt.
This time it's a GraphQL Centaur CLI which basically allows to bootstrap backend applications build with GraphQL and generate basic functions like CRUD.

GraphQL Centaur is a CLI tool with a goal to provide seamless experience
creating GraphQL as a service. How does it work?

βœ… takes any given GraphQL schema as input
βœ… generates Mongo/Stucco-js database resolvers in TypeScript
βœ… allows you to customize them the way that suits your project

All that to make the process of creating your GraphQL based backend more enjoyable!

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I would like to ask you to share your thoughts about it & would appreciate any form of support like feedback or up-votes. We know that there is still a lot of space for the improvements for GraphQL Centaur! Thank you!

GraphQL Centaur CLI

Resolver generation

First time when you generate a resolver centaur will also generate needed libraries for collections, DB, Utils and graphql-zeus definitions, then given the following schema:

type Person{
    firstName: String!
type Query{
    people: [Person]!
    query: Query

after choosing the following elements:

  • Query
  • people
  • CRUD
  • listFilter

GraphQL Centaur should generate TypeScript resolver placed in $src/Query/people.ts directory:

import { FieldResolveInput, FieldResolveOutput } from "stucco-js";
import { PersonCollection } from "../db/collections";
import { DB } from "../db/mongo";
import { Utils } from "../Utils";
import { Person, ResolverType, ValueTypes } from "../graphql-zeus";

export const handler = async (): Promise<FieldResolveOutput> => {
    const db = await DB();
    const col = await db.collection(PersonCollection);
    return Utils.CursorToGraphQLArray<Person>(
        await col.find({}),

Upvote on Product Hunt

Thank you!

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