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Last day of January brought us our 1st paying customeršŸ„‡

Just so you know what type of business I'm writing about - it's a SaaS.

On the last day of January we got our 1st paying customer and they already purchased an annual subscription. A day later they requested an additional data connection for which we charged them extra as it was more than what was in their current plan. They agreed without any negotiations.

This one customer required and still requires a lot of support. It seemed annoying at first but we soon realized itā€™s actually great. Thatā€™s because we get to improve our product (fixed few bugs and added new features). Having a customer that is willing to share so much feedback is something I wish for each of you.

Except from fixing the bugs, thanks to their requests we added Disputes and Disputes Ratio from Stripe. And we break them down by country which is something you donā€™t even have in Stripeā€™s dashboard.

We are also going to add MRR by the end of the week. It is also something that this customer requested. We wanted to add MRR earlier but prioritized other things. Now we have the motivation to do that.

Here are some milestones that led us to this point

milestones that led us to our first paying customer with Raport

We're still far from reaching our first revenue goal but it's already something. If you're interested in what we're building, it's Raport.

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