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[PHP] Get information about a specific YouTube video

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If you want to get the video information of a specific channel or the playlist list, I think you will use YouTube API v3.
With PHP, it's good to use the official Google library with Composer, but for specific videos you can get the video information more easily.

Specifically, the JSON that stores the video information is called from the API.
that's all!

JSON URL Structure[VideoID]&key=[APIKey]&part=snippet,contentDetails,statistics,status

Enter the API key obtained from Google API in [API Key].
There are many ways to get the key on the internet, so please check it yourself.

Sample Code

Try to get the title of a specific video from YouTube API v3.

$api_key = "API Key"
$video_id = "Video ID"
$url = "$video_id&key=$api_key&part=snippet,contentDetails,statistics,status";
$json = file_get_contents($url);
$getData = json_decode( $json , true);
foreach((array)$getData['items'] as $key => $gDat){
    $title = $gDat['snippet']['title'];
// Output Title
echo $title;
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