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change language in Microsoft Chromium Edge + other Edge URLs

Tony Colston
wanna be gamedev ... all around nerd and dev
・1 min read

When I installed Microsoft Chromium Edge it installed in Spanish for some reason. And then it remembered the setting and came up that way!

edge install in spanish

I guess when I downloaded it I got it somehow from a Spanish download site even though I went to the US download URL.

To change your language in Chromium Edge go here in the address bar.


You can see other Edge URLs here:


Discussion (2)

ucavalcante profile image
Ulisses Cavalcante

I like the new browser, i know there's a chrome inside.

tonetheman profile image
Tony Colston Author

I have been using the beta for a bit now on and off and it has been stable to me.

So yup I like it too so far.