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"Failed to initialize client context with error": A Error When Trying to Run a Widget in the Xcode Simulator (M1 Macs)

This is a short post about an issue I recently had with updating a widget for a SwiftUI project. I kept getting a weird error every time I tried to run a widget target in the simulator. The error read "Failed to initialize client context with error". This was followed by a crazy long error message spit out by the debug console in Xcode. I googled everything and I finally found the solution! (Note: This only happened on my M1 Mac)

What you need to do to fix this error is toggle off the "Open using Rosetta" button. To do that you need to right click on the Xcode app icon and go to "Get Info". In the Get Info window you are going to want to toggle off the "Open using Rosetta" button. Now if you quit Xcode and reopen, you shouldn't see that error pop up again. Go re-run the widget in the simulator and VOILÀ!

Until Apple fixes all the weird errors with supporting both Intel and M1 chips for Xcode, you might need to toggle on and off "Open using Rosetta".

I really hope this helps you from losing your mind googling for an answer to this solution!

Thanks for reading!

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