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Reddit RSS

A tiny project I have been maintaining since April 2020 is an alternative rss feed for Reddit called reddit-rss. At the time I was getting into using Feedly to read the news and found reddit's native rss feed to be pretty lackluster.

If you are interested in using it

  1. Go to a subreddit or meta feed you like example:
  2. Add .json onto the end:
  3. Change the domain name to, like:
  4. Subscribe to ^^^ that url in your favorite feed reader.

Useful features

  • Links directly to the content not to reddit.
  • Extracts a readable version of articles and embeds it into the feed.
  • Embeds high quality images and videos directly into the feed.
  • Extra query params to narrow search results to your liking.

How its built

Its golang http server that uses a forked version of cameronstanley/go-reddit to parse reddit content. Then it inspects each link and decides how to build the feed. Article text content extracted using go-shiori/go-readability. Feeds are created using gorilla/feeds

Deployments are managed through shipit which has been meh. Do not recommend.

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