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What the heck is certificate issue that messed up our add-ons

Firefox Error
Firefox enables user to install add-ons so as to increase the utility. Firefox ensures that the add-ons(which are basically third party code) are reviewed and signed (with a Mozilla certificate). These signed add-ons are available on and also can be hosted on developers website. Now once you install the add-on in the Firefox, it looks for the certificate and allows only those add-ons which are signed by known Mozilla certificate. Rest every add-on is shown as corrupt.

Unfortunately the certificate is expired for now and hence all add-ons show as corrupt, Firefox add-ons team is working on it as of now and soon we will have a fix. Bugzilla entry

Follow this twitter thread for the fix progress (mozamo)[]

As a really quick workaround you can try ideas on this reddit thread but obviously these should be temporary!


amoFixed 😎😎😎

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Andrei Petcu

other browser vendors don't sign extensions, right?

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Yes atleast to my knowledge Chrome and Opera does.

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