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10 Ways to Use Business Chat Apps to Improve Productivity

A business chat app has become an important part of an organization's communication strategy for resolving all of the issues that arise while connecting with numerous teams and making it easy. Your team chat app isn't only for conversation; it can also be used to boost productivity in a variety of ways.

Here are a few tips for increasing efficiency with your business chat app.

1. Employ best team chat app

The majority of businesses employ substandard tools. If it didn't have the required features, it wouldn't be able to provide the promised functionality to its users in the first place. If you want to boost your productivity, you should use the best app available, such as Troop Messenger.

With the foregoing in mind, don't simply look at the brand name; look at the features and what it has to offer. For example, a popular app like Slack does not have a video conference feature, as a result, you can’t held business meetings unlike other tools, and it's free plan does not allow users to make group calls unless they upgrade to premium plans, which only permits up to 15 individuals in a group chat, which will negate your operations.

Troop Messenger, for example, is a team chat app that will boost productivity, internal communication, and so on. If you believe Team chat apps are only for communication, you should use the incompetent social chat app.

2. Don’t use multiple tools

Your communication inevitably extends beyond talking or texting in the tool; you may be required to participate in a video conference, initiate screen sharing, share remote access, live location tracking, and so on. So instead of using various apps for different needs, try to find one that has all of the major features, because relying on multiple tools is like sailing on two boats.

Use a tool that has the features you need so you don't have to switch between numerous UIs; this will save you time and increase your productivity. And you won't have to waste time and money in the future looking for an alternative that meets your future requirements.

3. Safe & Reliable app

Before you choose an app, don't simply look at its features; security should be a top priority. Your data is your property in today's digital world, and it must be protected at all costs. Hackers, your peers, are scouring the internet for ways to steal it and use it to their benefit.

For your information, not all apps are as secure as they proclaim to be, which includes apps designed by giants who are unable to facilitate on-premise or self-hosted environments. Check out their pricing page to learn about the security methods they use.
Data-sensitive businesses such as banking, government, defense, finance, software companies, and others prefer on-premise apps because they have complete control over their data and don't have to rely on cloud service providers.

Troop Messenger is one of the few end-to-end encrypted apps that can be your self-hosted chat app, moreover, it can also be delivered as SaaS, chat APIs and SDKs, and other delivery models. Your data will be safe and secure with such safe and trustworthy apps, and you will be able to improve productivity at the same time.

4. Smartphone Technology

When team members are working on-site, sales teams are meeting with clients, and so on, it is a sin to use a team chat tool that does not support smartphone technology. So, take advantage of modern smartphone technology, which provides us with several chances as a result of technical growth, and better our internal communication.

Choose a team chat app that works on a variety of platforms, including Android and iPhone. This smartphone software allows users to stay up to speed on the latest news by receiving real-time notifications. Audio/ video group calls, texting, sharing files, one-on-one discussions, and so on, all functions work flawlessly.

5. Create Groups

Create groups in the app based on projects or tasks, and instruct team members to only discuss pertinent project specifics in the group. When they are obliged to check the updates, this will eliminate any uncertainty. Do you know that most companies have a separate group for fun events and weekend planning to avoid bringing these topics up in other critical groups? You can also make groups for the entire company, your team, numerous teams, and so forth.

6. Use Search Options

The average worker is believed to spend a significant amount of time each week trying to locate coworkers and track down internal information. The first problem is solved through workplace messaging, as we've already learned. If you use a team chat tool like Troop Messenger, you may utilize advanced search filters to quickly find the message you're looking for. It provides word, image, file, link, document, and other search possibilities, as well as the ability to read a specific user's messages by selecting the user-based search option in a group without wasting time peeking into undesirable communications.

7. Employee Engagement

Employees that are engaged are happier and more successful than their colleagues, resulting in higher profits. As a result, smart businesses are continuously looking for new ways to boost employee engagement.

Investing in modern office messaging software is a perfect idea because today's employees expect new tools. Your employees will have access to cutting-edge technologies that will make their work easier and allow them to produce their finest work.

8. Avoid Emails

Traditional communication methods such as email, fax, and the like used to be useful, but they may no longer be so in today's workplace. Email, for example, is probably not the best medium for having a meaningful conversation. To replace email, more successful firms are increasingly turning to instant messaging solutions like Office Chat. They understand that relying too much on a single, inflexible form of communication suppresses their growth. Announce that messages in chat platforms will be documented the same way they are in the email to make it a habit.

9. Establish Ground Rules

To get your team to work together uniformly for a common goal, set some ground rules, such as

  • In critical groups, messages must be acknowledged by all members of the group.

  • Share work updates in a template that you've approved.

  • To avoid missing essential communications, use Troop Messenger features such as Unread Messages and marking messages as Respond Later.

  • Avoid meetings that aren't productive.

  • Rather than holding a meeting for each issue, a video conference should be organized in which each topic is presented within the allotted time and all relevant topics are discussed.

10. Feedbacks

Being receptive to feedback will aid in the development of a positive work environment. When you feel compelled to reject someone's point of view, do it gently, explain why you're rejecting them, and don't forget to thank them.

As a manager or team leader, you must consider sharing your knowledge and experience with your team, and you must be available on office chat apps because your position may put you in unusual situations, such as the pandemic, where managers had to communicate with their teams and admins regularly to get the tools they needed into their systems.


Your team's collaboration and success will be determined by the business chat software you use at work. So it's recommended that you go with a tool like Troop Messenger, which has a policy of empowering its users and introducing new and unique features with each random update, all of which are geared to match your future needs and save you time looking for an alternative. This tool can be used as a team chat app by any domain, SaaS companies, B2B companies, and so on.

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