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How do I deliver my projects from 10 minutes to 3 minutes?

Acceptance of Front-end Projects Frustrates Me
I'm currently in charge of a front-end project that needs collaboration with the product team. But in the process of acceptance, I felt distressed.

Our current collaboration workflows are:

  1. I need to complete the development locally;
  2. Push code to Github repository;
  3. Other team members will review the code and merge it into the test branch;
  4. Follow CI\CD process and deploy code to test service;
  5. Deliver the products to the product department for acceptance.

If we want to change the code, we have to repeat the whole process, which will take about 15 minutes. This operating mode is fine when the team members are not busy, but during the preparation phase to release the new version of a product, there will be obvious problems:

  1. If the product team requires modification repeatedly\repetitively, it will waste a lot of time and delay the progress of releasing the product's new version;
  2. Code reviews tend to be formalized because reviewers often agree to merge code directly.

To solve this problem, I once tried to ask the product team to put the changes together in one version and submit it to the development team.
However, this solution can only reduce the number of times to release projects, not the release time.
At this point, I wondered if there's an online development environment where teams could collaborate and preview the results online instantly & synchronously after the development is done. In this way, cumbersome deployment steps are avoided and cross-department cooperation efficiency is improved.

I Found the Right Product!
After forming this idea, I started my research and discovered a product called Pylon from [TeamCode](
It can create an environment in the cloud that can run projects with a Git repository address. Users can access the cloud environment to develop projects through the IDE.

I found it satisfies my needs perfectly. After modification, we can preview the version online in time, which is convenient for the acceptance of the product team.

Image description

I can write code in the cloud environment.

Image description

Run the project immediately after we finish the code.

Image description

After I share the project's address with the product team, all team members can access the address to see the results.
Image description

After trying this product, I thought it could meet our demands of teamwork, so I started recommending it internally. However, the shortcomings of this product have also been found in the actual development process. For example, the product currently does not support connecting to an git repository on intranet, so I had to push the code to my private GitHub repository temporarily and create projects based on that repository. Therefore, I suggest that the product can add this feature to facilitate team development in the future.

In summary, once the limitations of the product are resolved, the usage of this product can significantly improve the efficiency of team collaboration, reducing the time required for the entire delivery process from 15 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

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