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VPC,VPC Peering

𝐕𝐏𝐂, 𝐕𝐏𝐂 𝐏𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 - VPC is known as a virtual private cloud. It means though the servers or database you create in an AWS account are in the same location they can be segregated using VPC.
For example you create a VPC-1 and you create two servers inside a VPC-1. These two servers will be able to communicate between each other. In the same AWS account you create another VPC-2 and then two servers inside VPC-2 the servers in VPC-1 will not be able to communicate with servers in VPC-2 even though you have created them in the same AWS account.
This VPC-1 to VPC-2 communication is possible using VPC peering. It means VPC -1 and VPC-2 can be interlinked and in the route table of VPC-1 the routes are enabled for the VPC-2 . Similarly in VPC-2 routes are enabled for VPC-1. Thus the resources in VPC-1 and VPC-2 can be communicated with each other. In the security group of VPC-2 the traffic is allowed for VPC-1.
VPC peering can be done between VPCs in two different AWS accounts as well
Limitations of VPC peering -

  1. Once a VPC peering connection is created it cannot be attached or detached
  2. It's a mesh topology
  3. Only 125 active peers per region
  4. Site to Site VPN doesn't work in VPC peering #aws #cloudcomputing #awscommunity

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