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My Static Site Generator

my blog was running on ghost. and i liked it but i asked myself why should the server render each page on every request? I could use Varnish or something to cache everything but that would just increase the complexity and wouldn't work on shared web spaces.
so i built a static site generator. it runs once and spits out a whole bunch of html files. this way i just have to create a new file, put some markdown or html into it, run the magic script and there is the new blog post published.
with some git magic i can just have the repo locally, edit it completely offline and push it when i can.
and because it's just html in the end, it could basically just be hosted on Amazon S3 or Github pages or something like that.
and it's crazy fast.
comments are not possible of course but i could use disqus or just build something on my own.
i wrote the whole thing in 2 evenings so the code is not the nicest. don't be too harsh ;)

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