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Introducing Superviseur - A process supervisor for local development

Are you tired of manually starting and stopping all the services you need for local development? Have you ever wished there was a tool that could handle this for you? Look no further than Superviseur!

Superviseur is a simple process supervisor for UNIX-like systems that allows you to manage executables, WASM, and Docker containers all from one place. It is perfect for local development environments where you need to manage multiple services simultaneously.

Installation is easy. Simply clone the repository and compile using the following commands:

brew install protobuf # macOS
sudo apt-get install -y protobuf-compiler # Ubuntu/Debian
curl -fsSL | bash
git clone
cd superviseur/webui && bun install && bun run build && cd ..
cargo install --path .
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Superviseur is still in the alpha phase, so be warned that it may be unstable. However, the tool is already quite powerful and has a lot of features. You can download the latest release for your platform here.

Once you have installed Superviseur, you can start using it by starting the daemon and initializing a new project using the following command:

superviseur daemon &
superviseur new
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This will create a Superfile.hcl file in the current directory with an example configuration that you can modify to suit your needs. You can then start a service using the superviseur start <service_name> command. You can check the status of a service using the superviseur status <service_name> command.

Superviseur also has a web UI that you can use to manage your services. To start the web UI, simply use the superviseur ui command.

Superviseur is still a young project, and there are plenty of ways you can contribute. If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, please submit an issue on the GitHub repository. If you would like to contribute to the project, there are a number of open issues and feature requests that you can work on. You can also contribute by improving the documentation or helping to test the tool.

In conclusion, Superviseur is a powerful and easy-to-use process supervisor that can help you manage your local development environment. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Mario Francisco Randrianandrasana

Waouh! It's really an interresting project dude! Keep it up. Honestly, you inspire us a lot in the open source