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Build a live chat app in Reactjs and Nodejs

Hello everyone, today I want to write a bit about my little project (Gossip).

Check it out here!!!

What is this project about

I made this project with users' privacy in mind, it means that users will get to use random username and messages won't be saved anywhere.


  • Allow real-time conversation
  • Create a account with email, username, and password. Email will be hidden away, and username can be generated randomly for users
  • Create a chat room that can fits up to 300 people
  • Create a private chat room, only people knowing the password could access
  • Able to use random name and image to cover up your credentials
  • Messages won't be stored anywhere
  • Save your favorite rooms so that you can come back later
  • Allow emojis that will make the conversion more realistic

Technologies I used

React for client side and Nodejs for backend development

Source Code


Coming soon

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