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Issues and pull requests on a Static Site Generator written in Javascript


Hello everyone, my name is Tuan aka Dustin. This is my umm 5th or 6th blog about programming. Today I'd like to talk a bit about my (n)th time creating issues and pull requests for another project.

Another introduction :)

As I surfed through the people list in the course, I decided to partner up with Jenny who is using Javascript for this project just like me. The reason for choosing her project was that I wanted to get even better with my Javascript skills as I could learn a lot when reading others' code.

Reading her code part

I got unlucky as she is a very good coder, her code is understandable and clear. Every bit is made with a lot of attention and thoroughness. It took me like what 5 to 10 mins to fully understand her work thanks to her organization of file structure.

Filing issue part

As I couldn't find any other bugs but I got a new idea that could the project to a whole new level which will include converting mark down file to html file. So I went ahead and filed an issue that contains every detail of what I wanted to do to the project. Fortunately, It caught her attention right away.

Sending pull request

So I spent a day or two to code the idea and sent a pull request with the code. So we had a little discussion about how things should work and what should be changed. Because we shared the same thought and agreed with each other, things went perfectly.

Wrap up

I found this lab is very interesting and helpful as I've learnt a lot of new things and different styles of writing code.

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