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Tuan Thanh Tan
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My very first blog ever!

Hello everyone who is reading my first blog. My name is Tuan Thanh Tan aka Buck, I'm current living in Toronto, Canada. I'm glad you're spending your precious time reading this, Thank you.

I'm a Seneca student who has a huge passion on web development especially back end development. There are a handful of people who don't like doing back end stuff as it's quite boring and cumbersome. BUT I'm quite the opposite, I always wanted to try difficult things that people don't want to try. That's the reason why I chose OSD 600 for my fifth semester, this course isn't specifically about a aspect of programming but a variety. So I get to try a bunch of new technologies and improve my current skills.

As the course goes on, I want to take part in bigger projects such as TailwindCSS. I am a huge fan of TailwindCSS because I got a hang of it very quickly, and it fits perfectly okay with my ReactJS projects.

So, I did a little research on Github about trending projects in Javascript of this month. I found grapejs is a free and open source web builder framework without you actually coding it. This can be a game changer in the future as people with no programming skills before can create a functional website on their own. It just needs a few minutes to get used to the user interface and then you're good to go. But to be honest, this framework will be a big plus if you just need a simple and nothing special websites for your restaurant or your little online shop.

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Goran Kortjie

Thanks, I think grapejs is cool definitely gonna check it out👍

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Tuan Thanh Tan

Yes, I do like how easy it is for people who don't know how to code to build a website 👍