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2.9 was exciting

This week I have the chance to spend more time and mind on Telescope since I don't have to worry about looking for an internship any more and this release has been productive and full of knowledge.

What have I done?

My parser tests are finally done, thank you David for being patient with this task. I'm pretty sure that I close all connections that are open during the e2e test but something still hangs, I suspected that it comes from [Bull]( but it was hard to figure out what it actually was, therefore, I decided to --forceExit[]

After the tests were done, I dockerized the parser service, it wasn't too hard as Kevan had done similar Dockerfile refactoring PRs and I had other images as an example. But I still took some time to understand what's going in those docker files.

  • Multi stage build, I guess it speeds up the process, it makes it easier to control data you want to pass to the image.
  • User deterministic docker base image tags to achieve more stable build
  • Don't execute Node.js app as root but use a node (lower privilege user) to improve security and the command --chown

How I helped others and learned as well?

Roxanne put an autocomplete for authors PR which was very interesting, people were really responsive, it has 42 conversation in a few hours :D. It took me a while to learn what is n-gram, edge n-gram, how we need to the n-gram analyzer to index the database. I pretty much just raised some questions in the PR. Elasticsearch really is complicated, though Roxanne was able to answer most questions, kudo to you. This is also useful for my other project, it came just in time :D

Francesco opened a PR to implement copy button, I found it very interesting so I tried to play and make it work, I made some progress and sent a PR for Francesco to take some inspiration.

I also reviewed some dependency discovery service pieces, I'm not exactly sure how it works yet, will need to talk to Jerry to help him with storing data through parser. Other than these PRs, I left my reviews in different PRs too.

There were a lot of Docker movements the last few days, I want to catch up to them but I guess I need more fundamentals first

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