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Lorenzo (Mec-iS)
Lorenzo (Mec-iS)

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Being a Mentor at Google Summer of Code


I am Lorenzo (@Mec-iS), administrator and mentor at and contributor for Python Software Foundation Mentorship Program.

We are an organisation at its third year developing for Google Open Source Program, in particular at Google Summer Of Code (GSOC), take a little time to read about as it is a great driver for Open Source initiatives!

We are looking for mentors to help with code-reviewing students' Python contributions on Github and/or review/write our documentation. For an overview you can also take a look to our blog. If you are interested we can provide support for becoming a good mentor and loads of knowledge about REST Web APIs and Python.



PS. You can join via Slack


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Aditya Mitra

Hey, can I ask you some questions about getting selected into GSOC?

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Lorenzo (Mec-iS) • Edited


you can find everything in Google OS guides:

as per guide previous contributions to organisation's codebase are also considered.