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Building a Decentralized Twitter in 50 minutes using the Subsocial SDK

Ever wondered how you can create decentralized web apps?
You don't need to learn Rust or Solidity to create a decentralized social media website, I built a Twitter dapp in just 50 minute live on YouTube.

What does a decentralized Twitter mean?

Twitter as you may know is a micro-blogging site and is governed by a centralized organization. That's not good for the following reasons:

  • They get to choose which topics are trending
  • They can ban and remove any creator's content
  • Often times you see hate speech content because that increases the retention on such platforms
  • Private content suggestion algorithms
  • You don't own the content you create

Now, imagine having all the functionalities of Twitter but this time people own the content they create, the data isn't stored on any centralized server but spread across multiple nodes around the world.



But that sounds like a lot of work. Here comes Subsocial:

A specialized blockchain for creating decentralized social media apps, built in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Now, rather than using a centralized server, you can implement all these features using the Subsocial SDK. Plus, you don't need to worry about running a blockchain, making sure all nodes are up, it's secure, etc.

You can easily integrate the Subsocial JS SDK into your frontend in React / Vue / Angular to achieve it.


How did I build it?

I created a detailed video on how to build it, and covered all common questions in it.
You can watch it here:


Project Code:

Subsocial Docs:

Subsocial Playground:

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