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Simple tech articles

Hey everyone,

We have a startup in the tech freelancing space. We have been growing steadily over the past 4 years. Of course, a large part of that credit goes to the amazing developers in our network.

So to encourage the next generation of developers, who are already learning to code or planning to do so, we have started a new series of articles - "Simple tech articles".

The premise of these articles is straightforward - to create a repository of common concepts around all top tech languages. Of course, the aim is to write it in as simple & lucid writing as possible.

While these might be more useful for new developers, they can serve as a quick refreshers for experienced individuals too. The idea largely is to write short articles around highly specific use-cases.

To get things rolling, we started with JavaScript. In totality, we have written about 12 topics covering basic to a little more advanced JavaScript concepts. Here they are:

  1. Implementing Bubble Sort in JavaScript
  2. 'Single' vs "Double" quotes for strings in JavaScript
  3. Average or Arithmetic mean of an array using JavaScript
  4. Declaring optional function parameters in JavaScript
  5. How to check if an array is empty using JavaScript?
  6. How to check if a value exists in an array using JavaScript?
  7. How to disable or enable buttons using JavaScript and jQuery?
  8. Check if a JavaScript variable is of function type or not
  9. findIndex method: JavaScript array
  10. Check if a number is Prime or not
  11. forEach vs map method in JavaScript
  12. Get the last element of an array using JavaScript

What to expect?

Moving ahead, we plan to write articles focusing on ReactJS, AngularJS, etc. We publish one new article every week so stay tuned for that.

Of course, we are still in the early part of this journey and figuring out the format, etc of this endeavour. So please do share any feedback (constructive :) ), you might have!

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