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Deploy your site on Netlify

Netlify is a hosting provider to host static websites. That means that you can only can deploy sites that has no function (HTML, CSS, JS) you can't deploy a NodeJS or a PHP Web app.
You can start for free with 100 GB Bandwidth and 300 build minutes, this is enough for hosting your personal page.

1. Getting started

You can simply create an account at: with your GitHub account etc. or with your personal email address.

2. Deploy page

Now click the site tab and simply drop your website folder into the field.


3. Connect your domain

In the site overview click "Domain settings" then "Add domain alias" and enter your domain name for example ""

Then you must connect your domain to the Netlify page using a simple CNAME entry:

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🎉 Congratulations your site has been deployed 🎉

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