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Discuss: React component libraries compatible with emotion and TypeScript?

tuttieee profile image Yuichiro Tsuchiya github logo ・1 min read

I'm seeking a React component library that can be used with TypeScript, I can control the styles by emotion's css prop (or something similar), and is supporting theming.

I found the followings:

Do you have any other alternatives, or any suggestions?
Can you tell me what library you like, and what case you prefer it for?

I've been using Sancho UI, but it recently seems inactive and I'm looking for an alternative...

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I use Chakra UI in Next.js, and I really enjoy it. It's currently being entirely rewritten in TypeScript (the support is already great in the production branch, but having native types will make it even more awesome).


Thank you!
It sounds nice, and yes, Chakra seems very active and growing.
Do you think it has some advantages over other libraries?


I'm not familiar with the other libraries you mentioned, but what I like in Chakra is:

  • Accessibility by design
  • Style props†
  • Complete set of UI elements, easy to override and compose

† I was a big fan of the styled-components approach, but it generates a lot of boilerplate to override styles locally, whereas the styled-system / style props approach makes it really easy, at the cost of mixing style and functional props, but which is an acceptable trade-off IMHO.

Thank you!

I have been using only the bare css prop of emotion to customize predefined components, but not styled-system... and yes, my concern is the additional overhead, but your comment below is one answer.

the cost of mixing style and functional props, but which is an acceptable trade-off IMHO.

That seems to be a good option to choose!

And other points are also attractive.

easy to override and compose

Yes, this is one thing I think is important and what I need css prop (or styled system!) for.


Ant design it’s made for enterprise but it’s free. You get way more components than material ui. Plus imo I think it looks better than material design.


Thank you!
Yes, I agree that Material Design is not much good and Ant looks cool.

To customize the predefined components, developers should edit Less files?
My concern is:

  • It seems we need a little bit additional works to do it with Webpack, or CRA
  • Does it support switching theme at runtime (e.g. switching light/dark modes)?

Chakra UI looks like Tailwind CSS + emotion...?

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