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Twilio Hackathon office hours on Twitch

philnash profile image Phil Nash ・1 min read

Office hours on Twitch are over for now. Check out the help thread for asynchronous help or for access to the hackathon DEV Connect group channel. We'll be back on Twitch again, so follow Twilio on Twitch to get notifications for that.

Hopefully you saw that earlier today that we announced the first Twilio x DEV community hackathon. We're really excited to see what this community can build!

If you have questions about the hackathon, want to bounce around some ideas or just want to hang out and chat hackathons then you're in luck. Starting at around 4:30pm PDT / 7:30pm EDT / 10:30am AEDT (that's where I am!) you can join me and @dkundel on Twitch for our hackathon office hours.

We look forward to seeing you here: https://www.twitch.tv/twilio

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We are just waiting for Bubble Sort, the Twilio developer game show, to finish, then we will be live. Enjoy the end of the show!