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Twilio Hackathon office hours on Twitch with Phil and Dom

Office hours on Twitch are over for now. Check out the help thread for asynchronous help or for access to the hackathon DEV Connect group channel. We'll be back on Twitch again, so follow Twilio on Twitch to get notifications for that.

How is your #twiliohackathon project going? At Twilio, we hope that you're full of ideas and that the code is flowing. But it's not always that easy...

Don't worry, we're here to help. There is, of course, the Big Twilio Hackathon Help Thread for all your asynchronous questions. For more live support you can get an invite to the DEV connect channel.

If you want something a bit more interactive then text support then you can join us on Twitch. We'll be chatting hackathons, answering your questions, bouncing around ideas and checking out some of the projects people are working on. Hackathon office hours will be hosted by Dominik and myself and will be hosted on the Twilio Twitch channel at:

19:00 EDT Wednesday 8th April
16:00 PDT Wednesday 8th April
09:00 AEST Thursday 9th April

(They're all the same time, I'm just a day ahead in Australia!)

We'll see you on Twitch right here:

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To learn ruby ​​and rails, I trained to develop web applications, but here in Africa, people access the internet from a mobile phone and when I observe their behavior they only use facebook messenger or whatsapp. I do not have a good level in javascript to develop a mobile application. This is why I am looking for application ideas based on sending sms or by whatsapp.

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Phil Nash

Good news, you can use your existing skills in Ruby and Rails to build those applications. Check out some of the tutorials here (many of which are available in Ruby) and see if they give you some ideas. For some wider perspective on things to do with Ruby and Twilio, check out articles on the Twilio blog tagged Ruby. Hopefully there's some inspiration there!

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Phil Nash

And we're live right now! Come join us at