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How to stay positive in this isolation time.

Most of us are now forced to stay indoors because of voluntary and government-enforced quarantines and lock-downs.

Staying indoors for extended periods of time is much harder than it might sound, and this unwanted experience is hitting harder a lot of people these days😨

Whoever is feeling low in this isolation times πŸ‘‡

well – then you are at the right place, continue reading

I will discuss, What I did since lock-down started since March πŸ‘‡

πŸš€ Take a pause & think about what you have achieved till date πŸ‘‡

Who all are your real friends?
Do you really care about your hobbies?
How much financially stable you are?  
Do you really like your life?
What areas can you improve yourself in?
Is any part of your life being neglected?
And at last, Am I on the right path?
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πŸš€ Don't troll your body gets enough exercise πŸ‘‡

Most of us sitting at home alone – sometimes we feel a bit bored, and that usually means hunger for the vast majority of people, resulting in an increase in calorie intake & as a result our body fat is increasing.

πŸš€ I recommend a simple no-equipment body-weight workout πŸ‘‡

    full-body stretch
    100 Squats
    100 Pushups
    100 Situps
    100 Lunges 
    if still, you can go then 50-100 Burpee
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πŸš€ Spent quality time with your family πŸ‘‡

  1. We humans did not evolve to live alone and specifically in isolation.

  2. We are social animals that's why isolation is now becoming a punishment for all of us.

  3. If you are married then spent quality time with your family, give them time, specifically the best time to teach your kids the lesson of life which you have gained with your experiences.

  4. If you live away from your parents – give them a call regularly without fail, they miss you daily the most. Mark my word

  5. If possible, call your old friends that you haven’t spoken to in months or years.

  6. It makes you feel more connected, at the same time they’ll also appreciate you remembering them!

πŸš€ Improve your skills & Start reading πŸ‘‡

  1. I love reading be it books or blogs When it comes to self-growth.

  2. Read blogs, books– it all gives you experience and lessons from other people’s experiences.

  3. Find a new course on any leading platform – and take up some courses in any field which you ever think in the past to improve your knowledge and skills! Trust me this is the best time to do.

  4. your wings you can learn anything about whatever your own interest here.

πŸš€ Stay away from news & negative thoughts as much as possible

  1. It gives you nothing positive and takes away your sense of calmness and happiness.

  2. It's doesn't add any real value while you watch the news, other than emotional ups and downs, anxiety, and unease.

  3. It literally does you no good to be informed about world events that do not concern you or your family, that you do not have control over, and that you cannot even change.

  4. Just check the day’s news in 5-10 minutes at any time in a day and don’t bother staring at the TV all day with their β€œlive updates” – leave that constant craziness to the losers.

πŸš€ Fix your office timings like you have before lockdown

  1. Create a set routine and don’t deviate from it.

  2. Have well-defined working hours even though no one is forcing it on you.

  3. Try to sleep, eat, wake up, and work – about the same times every day – make your schedule simple and predictable for yourself.

  4. You’ll find that routines are very productive and get lots of work done.

πŸš€ Avoid entertainment content until?πŸ‘‡

Don’t consume any entertainment until you’re done with your to-do list, means no YouTube, no social media, no news, no TV etc.

πŸš€ Pro-tip: switch off all phone notifications

Hope you like the article!!!

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