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My 10 Years Tech Journey

I always admire & believe that every one of us is unique in some way or other & can make an impact on tech.

I am just another person on this planet who ascertained his passion for software development & testing during my tech transformation journey, that's why I believe my tech journey is not engaging but exciting enough.

let me start with my early days:

I was an average college student during my bachelor days & hardly able to concentrate on programming those days. why I start with this because many young talents think this is a pre-requisite to start the tech journey, which is not true 100%.
some of the things we learn as we meet awesome people in our life.

start with confidence if you know 50% of what you should know 100%.
few things we actually learn in our day to day work.

Coming back to my story, Somehow I got lucky & able to crack my interview with Accenture in Oct 2010 & 9th Dec 2010 was my first day in cooperate life, as usual, I was excited & why not๐Ÿ˜‰
I met new friends/colleagues & started my tech journey as a software developer.

An initial couple of years was not bad but soon I anticipated that I need to do something different what I am doing right now (I was mostly in web-services & database), luckily I had very good mentors who always push me to do something good & unique so I started my coding journey aka SDET (fancy term) with Java & selenium.

Now the actual fun begins:

I straight away jump to selenium & bought an online tutorial ๐Ÿ˜Š, Initially I was good, I was able to understand the basic of selenium but didn't focus on the problem-solving approach which was more important, so soon when it comes to actual web app automation I was literally struggling, again mentor come to rescue & ask me, How much I feel confident in Java, I was like ๐Ÿ˜“, Java is something I was running away๐Ÿ˜„, but my mentor said if one is good in Java then selenium comes automatically.
that was a turning point for me & changed my life from all perspectives.

My Love for JavaScript & moved to Pune:

Then I moved to Pune back in 2014, I met my biggest source of guidance, He is the man who guides me/teach me/mentor me unknowingly.

It's not necessary that you know who is your mentor(look around), anyone can be your mentor whom you think is doing good stuff around you, just follow them, ask a question to them, you will be amazed by end results.โค๏ธ

I always admire the way he handles the situation within the teams, the way he approaches all problems be it technical/professional.๐Ÿ‘

we were using Angular in our project & we were using selenium (you know some decisions are based on team strength but soon we faced a lot of issues), he asked me can you come up with some unique solution & after some research we found that Protractor is something quite awesome for angular app & this time I didn't repeat my old mistake, I concentrate more on JavaScript & yes my old mentor was absolutely right, protractor becomes so easy to use & to be honest, I always admire how app developer think & read actual documentations of any tool/framework/library.

Taste of Product development:

Then I joined Globant in 2017 only based on my knowledge of Javascript that's why I always emphasize & give advice to young talent that focuses on one language first then you can easily jump to another, don't become Jack of all trades.

unfortunately, my journey doesn't last long there (I made few lifetime friendsโค๏ธ), but something good always waiting for you so I reached to product-based now & this is a 360-degree change, I moved as a JavaScript developer

here traditional things don't work like I am QA/ I am developer, everyone does everything here๐Ÿ˜„

So I did HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/CYPRESS/SELENIUM/Node & much more stuff....& doing this on daily basis.


My journey to software development & testing wasn't an easy one. but I was lucky to have so many good mentors/seniors/juniors/friends/colleagues who guided me from time to time that made me stronger.

Moral I want to tell my young friends, Don't worry about anything!!!

Start your tech journey, everyone is unique, Everyone can make an impact & become an awesome automation developer or I would say just software developer.

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Mikhail Karan

Love hearing how people get into the field!

Thanks for sharing Ankur!