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A French IA win against eight world champion of bridge

What is the Bridge ?

The bridge, it's a card game (52 cards) played with four people, in a team of two against two.

It's a game based on the communication (because we play at two) and it's a game need a strategic reflexion and it's a random game.

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Why this is a real advance

It's a real advance in IA, because of the particular difficulty to play in this game.

Indeed, this game, it's a random game played with partial information for each players. With this game, the IA makes many choices without knowing the cards of other players.

So we can say the bridge as a really hard game, modelled on the real life.

In real life we make sometimes choices without knowing the result or the consequences of these choices.

It's a really different IA of AlphaGo (Go) and Deep blue (Chess). Because unlike of the bridge, in Chess and Go, all information is observable and available for the IA.

AlphaGo IA reportage.

Who created this IA ?

That AI is called Nuke, and it was founded by a French start-up named Nukkai. This start-up was created to make many searches on IA.

An for Veronique Ventos (the founder of Nukkai) the bridge was a really good game to explore the potential of IA.

So this IA, was created to explore the many possibilities of IA and try to make a new challenge.

How Nuke globally work ?

Nuke was trained with the simulation of "Monte Carlo".

This simulation is named "Monte Carlo" (Monaco place) because of many randomnes games.

That's not all, Nuke it's not a "black box" for human. Indeed, he makes decisions and explain all of human in many different levels of comprehension.
This makes a real difference, because here we gonna understand exactly how the IA works unlike of AlphaGo for example who win but we don't know how exactly how he win.

The redifusion of Nukkai challenge

What do you think about the evolution of AI ?

A particular thanks to "Siècle digital" and "Monde numérique" who giving me information about this news.

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