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How do you keep up with technologies and programming news?

I feel a bit overwhelmed by all different news, blog, and tutorial sites, I have no idea where to look for the new trends, releases, etc.

How and where does everyone keep up with the news and trends?

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Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

Your assumption here is that you must keep up with everything.
In fact, it's an emotional problem, you have Fear Of Missing Out.
The solution is to realize that your emotional sensor is off.
It's not because you experience fear that there is a real danger out there.
No wild beast is there to attack you if you don't know the latest JavaScript framework.
In fact, you may now know it because you focused on the right thing:
Delivering value to your customers.
My first advice is to not try to keep up with everything.
My second advice is to delete your Twitter account.
My third advice is to watch this awesome talk

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Thanks for the video recommendation. Now that you mention it, it totally feels like FOMO. Kind of prompted by some of my coworkers seemingly knowing all the new trends and releases right as they happen. I feel like the IT/Software engineer community is already competitive enough, feel like I'm going to miss out on being successful

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Stephen Solka
  • hacker news
  • feedly
  • a couple slack communities
  • reddit r/arduino r/coolgithubprojects r/crystal_programming r/elixir r/elm r/git r/golang r/ipfs r/javascript r/opensource r/programming r/raspberry_pi r/reasonml r/rust r/selfhosted r/WebAssembly
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I feel like I need to probably curate my reddit a little more... but thanks for the feedly recommendation! Looks right up my ally for reducing information overload

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Winston Puckett • Edited

What I did was get a core understanding of a language and then do lots of projects. Then my learning was always applicable to what I was doing. This seems to have served me really well as it taught me how to learn and apply knowledge as needed and I didn't feel quite as overwhelmed with having to learn things I wasn't going to apply :).

Of course, I am doing more learning beyond projects... But only when I naturally find a topic I'm interested in like Rust.

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Software development hasn't changed much since the invention of Prolog in the eighties so I'm not so sure what could count as news. Perhaps solutions to things in Knuth's The Art that he didn't have the time to solve? That would probably show up inbetween the gossip and advertisements on Hacker News.

If a language you're fluent in incorporates features from lisps, prologs, forths or ML:s they'll probably put it in the manual and changelogs, and they probably have easy to find channels for communicating about new releases, as does most active software projects.

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I'm in the same current situation. But rather trying to build who you are by learning all these languages, it is recommended to find problems or things you want to do first than actually learning all this programming languages and be overwhelmed. Don't shy away from copying code and learning from it but don't submit other users code as your own, the take away here is that you can fork someone else work to build on top of it as long as it is permitted by the original user/pr. That's what is recommended most of the time. As well as doing a 100 hrs of code where you try to code within 1 hr each day completing the 100 hr to motivate yourself to learn different ways, or different languages.

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Rajat Saxena • Edited

I mostly follow Hacker News for the updates. Apart from that, I frequent and the official blogs of technologies I am working with.

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Gotta get used to the hacker news UI lol