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Diyazen – Sri Lanka’s First Humanoid Robot

In this technologized world, we have heard and seen the rise of the Robotic Era in many foreign countries. Now Sri Lanka has also stepped into the list as Arimac, Sri Lanka’s Digital Solutions Provider has taken an initiation on bringing a machine to life in 2019. Not just a machine but a machine with a human touch, Diyazen, a Humanoid Robot. This is the first humanoid robot in Sri Lanka and in that way as Sri Lankans we are proud to say that we have taken a great step in the world of technology.

How did it all begin?

The original idea on the construction of a humanoid robot by Arimac was first revealed at Google I/O Extended held in 2018. The main factor that drove this idea into action is that the Sanbot’s robots which were in use in Sri Lanka through the partnership between Arimac and Sanbot Robotics didn’t fulfill all the requirements. Thus Diyazen was given birth into this world by the Sri Lankans in 2020.

Diyazen, a brief description.

Diyazen is an ultra-modern virtual assistant that includes many abilities derived from the Arimac Cognitive Platform. The abilities include natural language processing and dialogue management, and these can be modified according to the purpose. Therefore, it is developed so that it could satisfy different user specific requirements.

Features Included.

Technological Features that are included in the robot are OIMA that operates with intelligence & transmits signals in all directions, CNN based High-speed Semantic Analysis Technology to analyze & understand data faster & efficiently, intel® Realsense Depth camera that is specialized for augmented reality applications, content creation, & object scanning with high accuracy, intel® Apollo Lake Mobile SOC for improved battery saving, memory, graphics performance & I/O capacity, PIR, IR sensor array to sense motion in surroundings using heat, 3D SLAM Indoor Positioning & Navigation for real time & accurate 3D navigations. It also has a 10.1” 10 point LED touch display and Smart battery featuring Automatic charging.

Diyazen can be extended into multiple robot applications due to its’ Modular humanoid robot platform. It’s 3D dynamic perception enables face, gesture and emotion identification, Application SDK enables third party app developments. It also possesses an operating time of 10 hours.

What’s so special ?

Diyazen gives an experience of interacting with a machine that is more human because of the use of modern technologies such as AI, Advanced Robotics and it has a normal human height of 4.5 feet.

The important design that adds color to the humanoid robot is that it is designed in a way that it inherits the Sri Lankan history by designing the face based on the Raksha masks.

Most importantly, it is a Sri Lankan development which is very much special for us as Sri Lankans.

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